Frequently asked questions

Is this site free to use?
What is NXLoad?
Why should I use NXLoad?

Whenever you need to share a video, NXLoad can help.

We optimize quality and size of your videos and make them playable in our web player. So you can watch videos without the need of downloading the file.

Help! Nothing is loading! What can id do?

This is caused by some browsers not acting very friendly. If you'd like, you can report the browser and operating system you're running on through our contact form so that we can address this issue. In the meantime, try a different browser, or attempt to resolve it by clearing your browser cache, in case the issue has already been resolved but is cached by your browser locally

How long are my videos stored?
How do I share my videos?
Can I search for videos other people uploaded?
What kind of video formats can be uploaded?
What is the max file size?
How much storage space do you offer?
I uploaded videos, but I can't watch them?
My files are already in mp4 format. Will they be encoded again or will they be uploaded without encoding?
Why aren't my videos being encoded to all available qualities?
What upload methods do you offer?
I cannot access the site through FTP, why?
I uploaded a file through FTP but it's not appearing in the filemanager.
Why aren't my files showing if i'm connected via FTP?
I still have questions!